Saturday, September 29, 2012

Who am I and What am I DOING?!?!

Funny enough, I have been avoiding this post for a loooong time now!  A really looong time!  Last year when I first decided to embark on my blogging journal I had no idea what I was doing... AT ALL!  But I thought I would just give it a whirl.  I got involved with a course that was supposed to help me market my blog, I joined some facebook pages for teaching blogs, and began to start learning about blogging.
All the while, I was working on a charity project with an awesome team of teachers at my school.  We actually renovated a local children's charity.  Think "extreme home makeover" but without Ty.  Anywho... things got a bit overwhelming and I slacked off on my blog endeavour.
I had re-dedicated myself this summer to pick back up with my blogging, but as many of you know, you blink, and summer is over!  So now, here we are in a new school year, and I thought for sure I would be ready to "get into" blogging.  Welllll was I wrong!  As all of you can relate no school year is ever the same as the year before.. admin likes to "tweak" and "change" things just enough to keep us on our toes!  Not my school... my school decided to pick up the entire school, shake it up, put it back down and see how the teachers could find their way.  Not only are we going 100% Common Core and preparing for the beginnings of the PARCC, but now we are doing it through teaching Interdisciplinary, Cross Curricular, Thematic style.  Yee Haw!
As my dear ol dad would say "Are you telling me all this to give me an explaination or excuses?"  But, by no means did I share all of this to make excuses!!  I tell you this because as I refected on my procrastination I realized three things:
#1 I was afraid to fail at my blogging endeavour so I found reasons to avoid it ( we can all relate)
#2 I got so overwhelmed in thinking I had to know all the how's before I got to into this
So, here it is... all laid out!  I have decided that although I feel as if I am drowning in my school year, I know I am not alone.  So this blog may not relate to everyone, and I may not even teach someone a new "best practice" ( that's for an awesome co-worker of mine who loves that word) but more a place for people to read and experience, with me, the ups and downs of an everyday teacher.... an everyday teacher who some days is not sure I even know what I am doing!!

Now that all of that is aired out, I wanted to go ahead and post my very first freebie!!  I know it isn't as glamorous and fabulous and some of the TPT stuff, but we all have to start somewhere!!  I created a letter to send home for the parents when one of my little lovelies doesn't complete their homework chronically.  You will need to have access to dropbox, but if you don't already have it I would highly recommend it!  The best part is it's free online storage for you files!
Here is the link to my freebie:

And if you need to sign up for dropbox you can do so here:

I hesitantly ask for feedback and comments on my first freebie.. so if you choose to let me know what you think.. be kind!  :)

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  1. I'm a brand new teacher blogger so I appreciate your honesty! :)
    Found you through TBTS!